So what does BFCM stand for? For us, at Magicful Home, it is a shortcut for

Beach Friday & Coastal Monday!

We know it is a crazy couple of hours/days for all those who love shopping. But let's be honest, don't we all prefer relaxing, hot sand and fresh summer breeze?

We do =) That's why you can experience relaxed shopping even during this exciting but hectic time in late November here at Magicful Home, as we have a discount ready for all of you. No crazy hunting for the best deals needed as all of our products will be available with 15% off for the whole weekend - starting Friday 24 November and ending Monday 27 November. Discount even applies to already discounted products!

Hi, Veronika here!

So - I was working as usual, deep into my research and I realised I needed to do some spell-checking: what do I have in my shop - jewelry or jewellery? Or maybe even something else?
A quick search reassured me that I’m not such a horrible English speaker, as apparently even “writers are often unsure whether to use jewelry or jewellery to denote decorative, usually valuable, personal ornaments. ‘Jewelry’ is the preferred spelling in American English, while ‘jewellery’ is the preferred spelling in British English.” (as it says here)
It’s difficult to learn English as your second language, especially living in Britain but knowing half of your vocabulary from American movies… that really keeps your brain on tip toes.
So a rich mixture of both spelling options (for wide variety of words!) will probably still be appearing here at Magicful Home, but surely all of us, no matter where our English originates, understand these words in the same way: beach, holiday, relax - that’s all that matters here at Magicful Home.

Loved by ladies, titled "cute" and "cool" by gentlemen!

Mermaid Keychain With Scales

Presenting a beautiful sea turtle gift idea with purpose!

Rainbow Sea Turtle Pillow Magicful Home

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I'm mathemagician (making money as maths tutor! 😁), a bit of an artist (well, trying to get back to art) and also animal and adventure lover.
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