pillow vegan home decor magicful homeHi, it's Veronika there!

Long time no see, so much work needed to be done in order to prepare our very own pillow cover!
It's amazing, all round eco and vegan - check it out =)

And with pillows comes responsibility - the insert.

When I started looking into vegan designs and specifically into pillows, I found out it's a whole big chapter to discover and understand.
I read people's blogs talking posh about pillows like it's the only thing that matter in the world. Of course, pillows can make and break the looks, but I'm not going to stuff them with goose dawn just because someone said it's in.

If something, it's barbaric. Geese want their feathers as same as we want our hair. Similar story, although not always so obvious, is with sheep wool.

So let's move to vegan, ideally eco options for our pillows.

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Amazing range of designs, plenty of summer - sea - beach themes exactly how we like it here at Magicful Home.

magicful home NYE team1We are all always working hard to get the best for you here at Magicful Home.

At this moment, big changes are coming soon (and also our long-planned holidays - we're just people too and we need break as well =)

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With lots of love, your Magicful Home team!

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Happy New Year 2018 magicful home teamMagic truly is happening during Christmas time. Our family finally got together after a long time apart, some even traveling from across the ocean! We manage to run our family business even though we live on different continents; in the picture, I, Veronika (in the middle) have my partner Jack and my sister Magda by my side at a very special occasion so we wanted to wish you all the best in the new year together =)

Thank you for being with us this year, helping us to support marine conservation by buying our vegan-friendly beach home decor products (we give a percentage of our profits - from 10% to 50% - to Sea Shepherd, a marine charity organisation).

We also want to make every customer a happy customer, so we will start selling to other countries as the demand is growing, not only in both UK and USA where we have our branches. We will still run contests (mainly on Instagram) every month where you can win complimentary products from our shop, but we are also preparing something bigger - keep an eye on our social media, website, join our newsletter and you will find out more soon...!

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Happy New Year from Veronika and the whole Magicful Home team!

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I'm mathemagician (making money as maths tutor! 😁), a bit of an artist (well, trying to get back to art) and also animal and adventure lover.
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