Hi, it's Veronika here, today with rustic home decor that will bring memories of the good old days. Well, at least it brings it to me when I look at Nancy's handmade textile flowers =)
Nancy runs MumMumsPetals on Etsy and she would like to tell you more about her shop and work.


"After my mom passed away a year ago, I just needed an outlet of sorts, something therapeutic to put my mind to. I came across some burlap and felt flower tutorials and decided to give it a try. Eventually hubby encouraged me to expand this growing hobby, so I looked into ways to market my new creations.
In October [2018] I opened an Etsy shop which has given me a platform to share these beautiful flowers with the world. They can be used for DIY projects and as home or personal accessories. I’ve also created several different products to showcase the flowers for my Etsy shop: wreaths, picture frames, string art, ornaments, banners and stencilled wall plaques. Many more ideas are brewing in my brain! This venture fulfils my need to create, and my prayer is that my creations bless all who come in contact with them."

Would you like to tell us about yourself a bit?

"I’m a Virginia girl transplanted to the Florida panhandle and loving every minute of it (‘cause I’m a beach girl!). Married to my best friend Jim, we have four children between us and five grandchildren who are an absolute joy. Besides creating flowers, I love to read, spend time on the beach, decorate my home, and spend time with family and friends. A dream of mine is to someday not have an aversion to cooking but to learn to be just as good at it as hubby is."

Veronika: The cooking situation... we'll have that in common for sure =) Let's look at your beautiful work now!

The most popular product in the shop and as Nancy says, fun to make: String Art Wall Decor

"My first customer requested a custom order and chose to use this flower on her item. Since this flower had yet to be named, I asked her to do the honors of naming it. She named it after a good friend, Adolaria. This has become one of my favorites to create."

"I was looking to create a burlap/farmhouse twist on the popular and more modern hoop wreath."
Veronika: Well, it worked, your most popular wreath is my personal favourite pick from your shop, Nancy =)

Nancy: "This flower was named after my mum, Joann (see above the story behind my shop). It has a quiet graceful beauty just like her."
Veronika: I also find interesting the fact mentioned in the details in your shop - that it's created by "melting method" that gives each flower a unique look with its own personality and characteristics.

I know it's June but it's never too early to think of some Christmas decorations, is it? How would this Christmas Poinsettia Ornament look in your living room, Christmas table or on your front door?

Nancy says: "It's indeed my most popular Christmas item. It took a while experimenting with various tutorials to create the look I was going for."


"I’m always looking for new ways to showcase my flowers and two friends of mine were shopping with me at Hobby Lobby and brainstormed using stencils with my flowers; this is one of the results."

Veronika: And as we started with a rustic wooden house wall decor, we'll finish today's article with one more: Stencilled wall plaque - just to add the extra touch to your home, also perfect as a gift, of course =) 

That'll be all for our little round-up of Nancy's beautiful work and shop - see MumMumsPetals on Etsy for more - I hope you liked it at least as much as I do and got some ideas not only for early Christmas rustic home decoration.

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