Hi, it's Veronika here and I'm a bit behind, as usual, with my article =)

Spring is here for sure, as it's past my birthday (I'm Aries) now and so it's really the time to do some spring hunt on Etsy and highlight Easter decorations and picks that are both handmade and vegan-friendly.

So many products around spring and Easter are baby-themed, especially when it comes to farm animal babies. So let's not be hypocrites and think about lambs as babies, not your dinner, chickens as beautiful (and pretty clever!) birds, not machines for eggs and rabbits as companions, not a cute Easter gifts that will be left in a cage for the rest of their fairly long life (one of those matters are reflected in my free greeting cards for vegans - find out more and get them here, at my main blog).

Think differently and be kind this spring. Keep it green and vegan like I do =)

Now, let's browse my spring Etsy picks and enjoy!

So, I went to check on Etsy what's new for spring season and these little glass fellows were the first to appear... I think the search engine knows my secret love for glass and less secret love for all sheep things =) But there's more to choose from if you're not a sheep fan - just browse and enjoy more fused glass decoration from the shop ArtGlassByJessica:

And it seems that glass is the theme for today! Stained glass rabbit decoration is just another dream of mine - as, besides sheep, I'm a big rabbit lover too! Etsy knows me well =) Have a look yourself at this vintage beauty and discover more animals and themes in the StainedGlassTheShop:

Now, let's move on from glass decoration and say hello to our old friend, the brand Gennhaio, and their great vegan bags and purses.
For spring, Aubrey picked this garment bag with its matching makeup bag that is a must have for your next Spring/Summer vacation. Made from 100% Cotton and gently repurposed accessories. When you're not travelling too far off lands, this garment bag is just perfect as a closet organizer for your outfits; keeping them pristine; ready and waiting for your next holiday.

Thinking about my friends, when it comes to spring, I have to mention again lovely photo greeting cards from Charlotte. Her Etsy shop has been renamed, now you can find her as AverageVeganGirl and her bumblebee card and many more spring-themed flower cards too:

And just something I've purchased recently not only because it's time to re-pot most flowers in spring, but simply because I wanted some themed decoration, are these rustic wooden and copper flower pots. I just love them so much!

Just a quick photo when I re-potted the aloe plants - I was so excited that I didn't bother about the fact that there's also visible our home-made pasta on the right... and if you wonder what's the weird block on the left and why the heck we have a mushroom table cloth, ask The Primary Consumer and his mushroom growing hobby =)

And I'm using them for taking photos of my own products as you can see (don't forget to check my shop with beach, forest and nature vegan-friendly home decor too =)

And what are your vegan-friendly spring tips for decoration? Let me know in comments =)



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