Hi, it's Veronika here and I'm bringing to you today something that caught my eye a while ago and I just couldn't find time to write about it any earlier! So without any much longer delays, please enjoy amazingly looking knits such as dragon scale rainbow mittens and many more, "made by one of the strongest arms in the world" - no kidding, meet Sigita who runs CraftyMarmara shop on Etsy* and who is an amazing arm wrestler!

Let's learn more about Sigita and her work!

Hi. My name is Sigita. I am Latvian living in Turkey. I am a Turkish national team athlete and a crazy knitter. I can't imagine my life without knitting and crocheting!
I have been knitting/crocheting since I was a teenager.
As a beginner, I never thought about or paid attention to what kind of yarn I was using. I had categories for yarn as pretty - ugly - thick - thin😂 that's all!
Only after many years when I started to get better at what I do and wanted to take it to the next level - sell my crafts.
I joined online knitting groups, and only then I realized that I was using the "wrong"🙄 yarn all along!!!
According to most knitters, I was wasting my time if I was not using wool yarn. They were pitying me for all that effort and time spent for nothing. As long as it wasn't a high percentage in wool it wasn't good.
At that time I was shocked and confused because I already knew that many people like and appreciate my work...

Veronika: I understand why - as possibly many of your customers care about sheep and other wool producing animals' wellbeing over what's considered as fashionable - but let's not go much in depth to this now, as I don't want to interrupt you...

A piece of art: beautiful dragon scale mittens, vegan-friendly, made or acrylic yarn and very popular amongst the customers!

People need to realize that in today's technology the acrylic yarn options are so huge. The texture and colours are in much more varieties than wool. I had made pieces from 100% acrylic yarn and I bet 90% of the people couldn't tell the difference 😉

This triangular shawl is made of acrylic but the touch and structure look like angora wool.

Veronika: I don't even know how angora wool feels, but I know how my bunny rabbit fur felt when stroking him - super fluffy, so the feeling must be great =)

I also use organic cotton, but I like to make toys, coasters, bath mitts, scrubbies etc opposed to clothing as I personally find knitted cotton clothing heavy.


Veronika: Thumbs up for using organic cotton, Sigita! Great vegan-friendly toys for small kids =)

Sigita, quite unusually, in the end, I'd like to ask you about your arm wrestling. Can you tell us more, please? It's so interesting, that you knit soft scarves and mittens and also wrestle - you don't seem many people combining two such different hobbies...

I started arm wrestling when I was 16 years old, and I fell in love with it from the first training. I always felt that I was stronger than other girls at my age so I was thrilled that I found a sport I am good at.

After taking a break from sport and having a kid, I started it again seriously in 2014. With the help of my husband, who is also my trainer and successful arm wrestler himself, I became National champion and 3rd in the World that year.
Next year I again became National champion and later placed 1st in European Championships.
I sometimes like to surprise my customers and say that their items are made by one of the strongest arms in the world, not because I like to brag but because I'm really proud of my success. And also I believe people find it interesting such a two so opposite things.

Veronika: Well, I definitely find it interesting!

And you? Intrigued enough to visit CraftyMarmara? Have a look and let us know what's your favourite knit! CraftyMarmara offers a variety of wool-free, vegan-friendly knits and you can easily check in the product description what materials were used to purchase the vegan-friendly options =)

Just a few more picks from me and Sigita:

These dragon scale mittens are not only my favourite, but they are also the most popular item in Sigita's shop - here is another colour variation (and there's more, just go and have a look yourself).

Not rainbow enough? Have a look at these knee-high rainbow socks!

Too much rainbow? Let's calm down with a bit of grey... These socks are so rustic! =) This is practically what I run all year round at home in! Fluffy, cosy, grey slippers, that's a yes from me!

As you can see, there's a plenty CraftyMarmara shop can offer. I hope you enjoyed and perhaps found a tip or two for some next soft knit gift ideas.

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