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Hi, it's Veronika here!

I'm the founder of Magicful Home, and the story begins back in 2014 when I visited my family in Tampa, Florida. It was there I saw for the first time how beautifully a home could be decorated in a beach style.

There was a nice small shop near a national park I was visiting, full of beach styled decorations and products for home and free time. I was truly amazed and thought - people would love this as much as I do, but not everyone has beach shop at their corner.

The idea of having a beach-themed home and decor store took a few years to bring to life until finally, in the autumn of 2017, it has been launched.
But this was just a theme to start with, as nature is "magicful" beyond the beach as well =)

The vision:

Magicful Home is vegan and eco-friendly business with environmental consciousness which reflects my choice of partners, packaging and other aspects of our business. As a still quite young business it is on the way to the idea of raising funds for marine conservation through selling eco-friendly products you will love and enjoy! And that's because I believe that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful magicful dream home. That can be easy and fun to do with my beautifully designed eco- and vegan-friendly holiday-themed products for your home and lifestyle.

I'm also constantly looking for other businesses and entrepreneurs who share the same core values with us to promote and recommend more amazing products which will make you happy and will not harm animals and our planet.

I'm vegan and I value animals and their lives. All my products are vegan-friendly and I also alawys seek the best eco-friendly alternatives to minimise impact on the environment. I find it very adventurous and enjoyabe to seek the best eco-friendly cruelty-free alternatives for home decor and beyond =)

magicful home starfish st pete florida

Enjoying a starfish observation in St. Pete, Tampa, Florida. This little fellow was harmlessly returned back to the ocean after a quick photo shoot.

For the same reasons, Magicful Home's products are made only from non-animal sources - I don't use leather, wool, down or other animal products. I also seek new inspiration in vegan and eco-friendly design trends and try to discover and support new brands who share our core beliefs.

My pride and joy is also my certification of a certified cruelty-free design course I have taken in spring 2018 (while being cruelty-free aka vegan for a couple of years already) to understand more the design industry and its alternatives:

vegan design certified cruelty free

Contributions to the community:

Life is about balancing one's giving and taking. As I started with a beach theme I wanted to be donors for a charity dedicated to preserving beaches, oceans and sea life, so I decided that 50% of the profits made will go to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

This charity organisation shares the same vision as me. My partner, long-term vegan, told me about them, so I did my research and decided that's the charity I want to support. Also, I was in Florida during hurricane Irma which was a very intense experience. What personally caught my attention was Sea Shepherd's campaign to deliver aid to hurricane victims in Carribean in September 2017.

Read more about charity's goals in this article or visit their page to learn more.

Magicful Home belongs under Veronika Honestly, where I donate to animal rescue centres - you can also read more about it here.

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